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Á meðal frétta í þessu hefti eru einmitt nýju reglur Rannís um opinn aðgang:

Fréttabréf OpenAIRE kemur út ársfjórðungslega, listi yfir öll hefti er hér.

OpenAIRE News

OpenAIRE Interoperability workshop: Lessons learned
120 delegates gathered in Minho on February 7/8 to attend a workshop on Interoperability. The purpose of the workshop was to showcase the new set of OpenAIRE guidelines and to discuss and get input onto OpenAIRE’s approach to harvesting metadata.

Pure is now OpenAIRE compliant!
Pure, the CRIS system is now enabled to join the European Open Access infrastructure OpenAIRE. Why is this important? Because it will enable project leaders and managers to easily link up research output to the funding details of the European Commission, and enable open access availability. Read more to find out exactly how this was done….

Pensoft Integrated with OpenAIRE
Another publisher is now harvested by OpenAIRE! The life sciences publisher Pensoft are making their FP7 articles even more visible to researchers and the wider public, via OpenAIRE…

What’s in a Mine?
What is this text-mining that OpenAIRE talks about? All the technical partners are involved in working out innovative ways to search within articles for futher items of interest….


Scholarly Communication Activities – a National Programme for Promotion and Coordination of Open Access in Sweden
Just how important is promoting open access to researchers and teachers? Very. Take a look at how Sweden has initiated a programme to promote open access in higher education.

Data Resources and Initiatives

Interview with The Finnish Social Data Archive (FSD)
Ever wondered what is involved in the day to day running of a data centre? Finland’s Social Science Data Archive is a major resource centre for social science research and teaching. In this interview with two members of staff we find out more about how they support their users, tackle licensing and interoperate with other infrastructures.

It’s all in the Context……
What is the value of linking publications to data? And how is it done? OpenAIRE plus is exploring this concept, on an inter-disciplinary level. Read more to find out how OpenAIRE aims to develop a service which allows users to interact with and support linking between research articles, data and project funding.

Open Data or Closed? – Greek 2013 Open Data Day
Is there a difference in open access to scientific research data and open access to government data (aka: public sector information – PSI)?  Not perhaps in terms of target audience, but common technical issues remain  (metadata formats, interoperability, anomymization, scalability, etc.) remain. The Greek open data day raised some of these issues in a very active and productive day.

Policy Update

Icelandic funder mandate
Iceland now has an Open Access funder mandate. All publications funded by the Icelandic Centre for Research, Rannis must be made available in open access.

Tracking Open Access?
Yes, tracking open access is an important indicator for its success and progress. The Open Access Tracker is an innovative online tool that helps document the growth of open access in six Mediterranean countries.

The reasons why I am an Open Access champion
The importance of open access has been successfully acknowledged by the Italian Ministry of University and Research.



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