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Nýjasta hefti New England Journal of Medicine er hlaðið pistlum um opinn aðgang:

  • For the Sake of Inquiry and Knowledge — The Inevitability of Open Access
    Many stakeholders in the scholarly communication system have cause to seek broader access to information and are experimenting with more open, Internet-based alternatives to traditional publishing. Although the transition won’t be easy or inexpensive, it is inevitable.
  • Open but Not Free — Publishing in the 21st Century
    Online dissemination served as the impetus for the open-access movement and the call for free dissemination of the information contained in journals. There is, however, a cost associated with this openness — a cost that may reduce the funds available for research.
  • Creative Commons and the Openness of Open Access
    As part of the open-access movement and with the mission of expanding the terms of use for increasingly accessible information, Creative Commons has produced six copyright licenses that permit a range of uses beyond fair use, subject to certain conditions.
  • The Downside of Open-Access Publishing
    The open-access model in which authors pay to have their work published offers an alternative way of financing quality control in scholarly publishing. But it also opens up opportunities for unscrupulous online “vanity presses” to exploit authors for profit.


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