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Hið virta fræðirit Nature kom um daginn með sérblað helgað umfjöllun um framtíð fræðiútgáfu. Nokkrar greinar og pistlar kom inn höfundarréttarleyfi, kostnað og fleiri mikilvæg mál tengd opnum aðgangi:

The future of publishing: A new page
A special issue of Nature looks at the transformation taking place in scientific publishing.
Richard Van Noorden

Open access: The true cost of science publishing
Cheap open-access journals raise questions about the value publishers add for their money.

Scholarship: Beyond the paper
The journal and article are being superseded by algorithms that filter, rate and disseminate scholarship as it happens, argues Jason Priem.

Licence restrictions: A fool’s errand
Objections to the Creative Commons attribution licence are straw men raised by parties who want open access to be as closed as possible, warns John Wilbanks.

Advocacy: How to hasten open access
Three advocates for a universally free scholarly literature give their prescriptions for the movement’s next push, from findability to translations.

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